About Bloomington, IN

As the home of Indiana University, Bloomington is home to a diverse community. The great outdoors that the Midwest is so famous for can sometimes become a nuisance to homeowners in the area, however. Our talented team of wildlife technicians is ready to help you protect your home from raccoons, bats, squirrels, rodents, and more.

We offer service to the following counties surrounding Bloomington, including Lawrence, Monroe, Bartholomew, Decatur, Washington, Scott, Jefferson, Jackson, Brown, Orange, and Ripley.

About Critter Control

Founded over three decades ago, Critter Control immediately became an industry leader due to its groundbreaking vision for wildlife control and removal. Critter Control's North American offices (120 and counting) regularly emphasize humane wildlife management. We remove animals of all sizes, with a focus on common vertebrate pests like squirrels, raccoons, bats, rodents, and a variety of birds. Our services focus on getting rid of animals, preventing them from causing damage, and/or repairing the damage they’ve already caused to your home or property.

We are ecologically responsible; it is important to us that only environmentally sound solutions and humane animal removal techniques are used for all wildlife control and damage repair problems. We provide animal control and animal removal services for:

  • Homeowners
  • Property management companies
  • Personal rental properties
  • Industrial and commercial clients
  • Municipalities
  • Fortune 500 companies

We control rodents, trap larger vertebrate pests, and perform an integrated variety of control approaches to wildlife management and animal damage repair and prevention. It is our policy to live trap and relocate animals to the extent that is practical, cost-effective, and allowable under law.

Critter Control established standards of excellence in animal pest control and upholds these standards with a professional staff of biologists, zoologists animal control officers, and anti-cruelty personnel. Our highly experienced and qualified wildlife control teams can assist in any wildlife animal control problem, ranging from bird control to alligator removal. We utilize humane animal handling strategies in all situations.

Why Choose Critter Control of Bloomington?

The team at Critter Control of Bloomington has nearly 30 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. Our primary services include daily trapping, wildlife removal, damage repairs, insulation restoration, crawl space encapsulation, dead animal removal, and best of all, we service rental properties!