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Kari McMullen
Great response time, respectful, conscientious work, and effective. I?m thankful for their help and appreciate the customer service and their expertise.
Lizabeth McClain
We had a baby racoon under our home. They successfully removed it and took it to a safe place.
Experienced and professional. Would use again in the future.
Highly recommend! Response time, customer service and effectiveness (got the critter) all 5 star worthy. I hope to never have to call them again but do not hesitate if you do. Thank you to the staff at Critter Control. You rock!
Craig Taylor
The service was outstanding and the workers were very courteous and knowledgeable...... would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for expert pest and animal control.
Shelley LAW
We were very pleased with the job that Mike and his team did for us. Mike explained everything up front there were no surprises we knew exactly what to expect and they delivered. We were able to rid our crawlspace of the critters while still not harming them or our cats outside. They then ensured we didn't have the issue again by securing the entry points (vents) but still allowing them to be functional. Definitely recommend them!!
Betty Jo Hilger
Fast, prompt service!
Michael Moore
Jill Campaigne
Jeri Day
Colin Bowen
Roy New
Greg Mills
Tarlise Townsend
We have had such a fantastic experience with these folks, and Colin in particular. They are extremely professional, friendly, and respectful. In this era of COVID risk, they were very attentive and thorough with their public health precautions, including wearing mask and gloves at all times and keeping physical distance. They kept returning as many times as was needed--any extremely promptly whenever we called--until our raccoon problem was solved. We also had them do a thorough post-raccoon cleanup of our space, including removal of insulation and disinfecting the area. We'll be calling them in the case of any future critter issues.
Great service, there staff is professional, and friendly. Glad to have them serving Bloomington. There the best Local business, for pest animal control.
Chuck Bailey
We had an infestation of flying squirrels in a dormer. It took a while to get them all, but in the end they trapped 18. Collin was very helpful in finding their entry point and covered it up with wire and brillo pad material. He was very helpful and knew how to address the problem and stuck with it until we got them all. Very satisfied and will call again if we ever have another problem.
Margaret Clements
Michael and Colin were professional, careful, knowledgeable, licensed, thorough, and responsive. I really appreciated their help in eliminating a squirrel infestation between my cathedral ceilings and my roof. They sealed the entry points and gave the olympic grade squirrels one way out via traps attached to my soffits. They really knew what they were doing and they were a pleasure to work with. Roy and Gene in the office are great too: they were very responsive. Thank you.
Chris Taylor
They did a excellent job. The crew was very professional and knowledgeable. They sealed up my house exactly as they said and haven't had a issue with since. I would highly recommend.
Billi Axe
Very pleasant, acted fast, informative, and are working in a timely manner to resolve the issue (closing up openings outside/underneath home). Also gave me instruction and their contact information for emergencies if I were to see another critter (snake) in my home.
Meagan Eller
We were quite pleased with the service. Called at 5 pm on a Friday, as the office was closing for the weekend. Service was performed Monday morning. Thorough inspection of exterior and interior of 2 attic crawls, repair of entry point in a timely fashion by a polite employee who explained his findings and recommendation to our understanding.
Rico Wayne
These guys were fantastic. They came out the very next day and sealed the holes where squirrels were getting into the attic. I would definitely use their services again.
Betsy Kissinger
These guys are legit heroes. I cannot express how thankful we are to them. Our raccoons may be the talk of their business for years to come. I had no idea that raccoons would ever wander into a nice neighborhood and make their way into your attic. We started hearing some kind of animal in our ceiling/walls and called a trapper to come take a look. That trapper determined the noise we heard was a raccoon, after peeking into the attic and seeing a latrine spot. (I have learned so much about raccoons in the past months) We hired this person to trap the raccoon, but after weeks of only catching a few neighborhood cats, we politely said goodbye to this trapper and called Critter Control. Critter Control showed up and began to set their traps up in hopes to catch the raccoon. They seemed genuinely surprised that their usual methods of trapping weren?t working. After the usual traps didn?t catch anything, they set out another type of trap, and then another. Weeks went by, but still no raccoon. Critter Control assured us they would get the raccoon and not give up on us. Because of where the raccoon was, (nestled down into a big column on the front of our home) it was virtually impossible to get to it. We tracked down the blue prints for the house and critter control reviewed them, deciding the best way to get to the raccoon. It was raccoon removal day. After weeks and weeks of trying to trap it, we all agreed that we had to go in and get it. Critter Controls superstars: Roy, Colin, And Mike, arrived ready and determined. They ended up cutting into the wall of my office that adjoined to the column, and there they were! Not one, but TWO raccoons had made this hollow column their home. The Critter Control team pulled them out and took them away. (I?m still cheering, it was the best feeling to get them out) Critter Control immediately began shifting all focus to fixing the destruction left behind. They shared their plan and began remediation. True to every word they said, they put all efforts into getting the job done as thoroughly and as quickly as they could. The staff was absolutely wonderful to work with. Their work was amazing. They cleaned up every mess they made and finished as quickly as possible. Thank you Critter Control and all of your staff that took part in capturing our raccoons. We literally could not have done it without you.
Angela Tharp
Had roof replaced last winter. Squirrels found a few spots where they could enter my attic and had a party. Critter Control came out quickly, identified the problem, and rid me of said problem. So far, so good, and the team was nice/professional.