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Shelley LAW
We were very pleased with the job that Mike and his team did for us. Mike explained everything up front there were no surprises we knew exactly what to expect and they delivered. We were able to rid our crawlspace of the critters while ?
Billi Axe
Very pleasant, acted fast, informative, and are working in a timely manner to resolve the issue (closing up openings outside/underneath home). Also gave me instruction and their contact information for emergencies if I were to see another critter (snake) in my home.
Meagan Eller
We were quite pleased with the service. Called at 5 pm on a Friday, as the office was closing for the weekend. Service was performed Monday morning. Thorough inspection of exterior and interior of 2 attic crawls, repair of entry point in a ?
Great service, there staff is professional, and friendly. Glad to have them serving Bloomington. There the best Local business, for pest animal control.
Tarlise Townsend
We have had such a fantastic experience with these folks, and Colin in particular. They are extremely professional, friendly, and respectful. In this era of COVID risk, they were very attentive and thorough with their public health ?
Betsy Kissinger
These guys are legit heroes. I cannot express how thankful we are to them. Our raccoons may be the talk of their business for years to come. I had no idea that raccoons would ever wander into a nice neighborhood and make their way into ?
Chris Taylor
They did a excellent job. The crew was very professional and knowledgeable. They sealed up my house exactly as they said and haven't had a issue with since. I would highly recommend.