Many residents are not aware of the animals living in their attic, or the severity of their outdated insulation. Critter Control of Bloomington is prepared to get rid of animals in the attic and replace your outdated insulation. Our professional technicians will restore your attic correctly using professional experience and equipment. Call today and schedule your appointment for attic insulation and restoration services in the Bloomington area!

Fixing Damage in Your Bloomington Attic

Soiled insulation in Bloomington AtticAnimals like bats in the attic and old, ineffective insulation are two major reasons for the need for attic restoration services. Whatever the reason, Critter Control of Bloomington is here to help!

Getting Animals Out of the Attic

Getting the animals out is just the first step—once they've gotten in, they will begin to create unseemly damage in your attic, ranging from physical attic damage to secondary parasites like mites, ticks, fleas, and more.

Unfortunately, with their host out of the picture, these pests will be searching for a new host: you. Many bugs that use bats as their host (like ticks, mites, and fleas) are major concerns.

Larger wildlife animals like raccoons and squirrels will use your attic as a “latrine”, which leads to a big issue with droppings, odors, and stains, which isn't something anyone wants to deal with. Did you know that wildlife critters in the attic are one of the most common factors behind insulation damage and decreased"R" values in an attic?

Installing Brand New Insulation

If you believe you have vermiculite insulation in your attic, there's a chance it could contain asbestos. Please do not disturb it! Only attic insulation contractors certified to handle and remove asbestos should deal with vermiculite insulation. If you are not sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. We are certified to handle and remove asbestos, so give us a call instead. Some other common attic restoration services we provide include:

Common Attic Restoration Services

  • Attic-to-home air leak sealing
  • Installing  blocking to maintain fire-safety
  • Making sure insulation doesn't block soffit vents
  • Checking the attic ceiling for water stains or marks 
Chances are that your attic does not meet current government recommendations. Our technicians are able to measure your existing insulation and let you know if you need to add more to meet guidelines. Our team is also able to remove attic insulation that has been soiled/damaged and dispose of it for you. Let our attic restoration professional team remove that soiled insulation and replace it with your choice of insulation products! We are the wildlife removal professionals—call today to schedule your appointment.

Which Animal is In My Attic?

Your Bloomington attic has a visitor—now what? Perhaps you don’t even know what animal is in your attic. The only clues you have are the type of noise, possible entry hole, droppings, and the type of damage. Luckily, our technicians are experienced in identifying wildlife presence based on these clues, so don’t fret if you hear a noise in the attic. Read more below to determine which animal you might have, and let us help you know for sure!

Mice or Rats in the Attic

These small rodents are commonly heard in attics during the nighttime. Rodents primarily make small pattering noises when they scurry across the floor or walls, proportional to their size. Rodents often chew on items in your attic like wooden beams or wires, and they also rip insulation for nesting. Mice can get into your home through holes as small as a dime.

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels are primarily diurnal so they are likely the only animals that will be heard during the day, usually in the early morning or early night. Squirrels are quick movers and often roll nuts/acorns on the floor. Squirrels don’t make a lot of vocalizations, unlike other wildlife.

Bats in the Attic

Another common culprit when it comes to animals in the attic is bats. Their population can get out of hand quickly and their droppings (guano) are on the more hazardous side. Bat noises are often described as squeaking and/or chirping. Insulation that has come into contact with bat guano is immediately rendered unusable.

Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons are on the larger side of wildlife critters that may be found in your attic. These lumbering critters tend to make noises also proportional to their size—their sounds are heavier and slower than that of other critters. Raccoons are one of the more vocal critters and commonly make a chittering, hissing, growling or other threatening noise.