Animal Droppings/ Feces Removal

Need Wildlife Animal Feces Removal?Bat Dropping Cleanup in Bloomington

Wildlife critters like bats inside your attic, squirrels in the walls, raccoons in the basement, or mice crawling along your baseboards leave a lot of droppings in their wake. You'll want to address the droppings sooner rather than later to avoid potential unpleasant odors and possible insect presence.

Our technicians can safely remove these droppings and get your home back to a healthy state. If you're noticing feces and don't yet know which wildlife critter you're facing, learn more below.

What Are the Most Common Areas Wildlife Droppings are Found?

One of the most common places in your house where animals will leave droppings is the attic. They like the dark, isolated warmth of your home's uppermost room and often taint insulation with their droppings. Mice and rats are two of the biggest culprits when it comes to ruining insulation in your attic.

Identifying Wildlife Droppings

You’ve just discovered a cache of animal droppings in your home, perhaps where the animal we just removed was living. Perhaps you’ve discovered the droppings elsewhere, like your wall, or along the floorboards. Maybe you aren’t sure which animal visitor you have yet. Where you’ve found the droppings can help you figure out what type of animal is responsible. Use the handy guide below to determine which common wildlife critter you’re facing.

What Do Bat Droppings Look Like?

If you've found small, roughly rice-sized dark feces in your attic insulation, this is almost certainly bat guano.

  • It is similar in size and shape to mouse poop but is slightly shorter and wider. Bat feces is referred to more commonly as guano and is in fact a prized fertilizer in many areas because it is rich in nitrogen.
  • Though it can be beneficial to the growth of greenery, it is highly dangerous if the spores are inhaled. It can cause histoplasmosis, which can be fatal—especially for individuals with compromised immune systems.

Rodent Droppings

Mouse and rat poop are often common along floorboards. These small rodents use the sides of walls as major transportation from places like behind appliances to bigger areas like your attic and are most commonly found around food sources. 

  • Mouse droppings typically measure less than 1/4" in length and are composed of a few separate pellets, which are pointed at the ends and dark brown to black in color. 

Raccoon Droppings

Raccoon feces are cylindrical in shape, have rounded or broken ends, and are typically dark in color, though coloration varies depending on what the animal has recently eaten. Raccoon scat is likely to contain berries, as they are a favorite food source. Raccoons choose one place to defecate every time, called a latrine. If you come across a latrine, be careful because they contain thousands of roundworm eggs. 

Squirrel Feces

  • Squirrel feces are comparable in size to jellybeans or raisins and measure from 5–8 mm in length. They usually get sprinkled along the ground as the rodents travel and the droppings easily blend in with the soil, due to their light brown coloration.
  • Since squirrels are tree-dwelling creatures, they will often use hollow crevices in tree trunks as toilets. Droppings are generally pill-shaped and tubular in appearance and may have tapered ends.
  • Like other wildlife feces listed here, squirrel droppings (including squirrel urine) are host to a number of diseases like leptospirosis, tularemia and typhus—the effects of which can range from headache and fever to pneumonia and vomiting. It's important to not handle squirrels or their feces without proper protective equipment.

Bird Droppings

You will likely know when you have bird feces in your attic because you will recognize the droppings from your car and outdoor belongings! Bird droppings are made up of a pasty substance mixed with uric acid and are often white in color.

The consistency of bird droppings is because the avian species don't produce urine the same way as other animals, which helps the birds retain water. 


How Does the Feces Removal Process Work?

Removing droppings is one thing, but what about the stains and odors that linger? We can help with that, too. If you are in need of attic restoration from animal feces, we are here to help. Contact our technicians for full-service animal dropping removal and cleanup today at 812.260.1239.

Attic Restoration/ Insulation

Old Insulation Not Effective?

There are many reasons why your current attic insulation may no longer be effective. If you've had any type of critters in your attic, it may be time to replace the insulation. Critters like mice and rats like to use attic insulation to make their nests nice and cozy, leaving the insulation ineffective. You might notice your energy bill is higher than normal, or you may have noticed the insulation doesn't look so great when you go up to get your holiday decorations. 

Whether your insulation is soiled by animals or needs replacing for a different reason, Critter Control of Bloomington is here to help. 

Our Bloomington attic restorationNew Insulation Installation Bloomington professionals will work to get rid of ineffective insulation and replace it with brand new insulation. The attic restoration process involves specialized equipment that homeowners likely do not have access to or the know-how to implement.

Our attic restoration technicians can work with many major insurance companies to restore your attic quickly and effectively! A well-insulated attic will be an investment, with notable energy savings as time goes on—be sure to ask if there are any available energy tax credits.

Removing Old Insulation

Attic restoration often involves removing the old insulation. This is a job that needs to be left to the professionals. Our team has the proper equipment to remove the insulation without spreading any animal feces or old insulation through your home. We will remove and replace your attic insulation safely and effectively. 

Why Insulate Your Attic?

In addition to making your house more energy-efficient, an attic is actually one of the simplest areas in a home to insulate, especially if an entire restoration isn't in the works. If you are just looking to “cap” your existing attic insulation, the process will be quite easy. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on attic restoration!

Attic, Soffit, & Louver Vent Screen Guards

Protecting Your Bloomington Attic, Soffits, and Louver Vent Screen GuardsLouvre Vent Screen Guard

From attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures, and soffit vent repairs, our Bloomington team can do it all with one single call to Critter Control of Bloomington. Call today for home repair estimates and professional assistance!

Roof—Soffits, Gable Vents & Louver Vents

Soffit Vent Screen Replacement

The soffit is the area of your roof that overhangs. Animals like squirrels love to get into the soffits and cause issues. Soffit vent screen replacement is an easy fix to this. Because wildlife can get into your home through a hole the size of a dime, any holes in your soffit cannot be overlooked! Common animals that get into Bloomington homes through soffits include mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. 

Gable Vent Screen Replacement

Gable vents are typically installed on the outside wall of your attic and work to help with the circulation of air in the attic. Unfortunately, compromised gables can invite wildlife entry. Gable vent screen replacement can help protect your attic from animal entry. Common animals that enter your home through gable vents include raccoons, bats, mice, and squirrels. 

Louver Vent Screen Replacement 

Louver vents also help with the circulation of air—while ideally keeping out debris like dirt and water. Louver vents that are damaged or otherwise improperly functioning can encourage wildlife visitors like birds and raccoons

Attic Vent Screen Replacement

Attic vent screens keep your home's air circulating properly. However, if they are damaged or installed incorrectly, they leave room for wildlife to enter. Birds, bats, mice, and more will enter your Bloomington home through your attic vent and cause damage. With attic vent screen replacement, we can keep the critters out. 

Keeping your vents in good shape is critical to your home's wildlife management. If you think your home could use an inspection, give us a call! We're happy to look over your home and provide an action plan for keeping wildlife out this season. 812.260.1239

Carcass/ Dead Animal Removal

Removing Carcasses from Bloomington Homes

Typically, you will discover a dead animal in your Bloomington home through odor—dead animals aren't always visible but you can most certainly smell them. Wildlife critters like raccoons, mice, rats, and squirrels often crawl into (or fall into) chimneys and walls, and many stay there forever. Read more below to learn why it's important to remove dead animals from your home as soon as possible to protect your family and pets.

Are Dead Animals Dangerous?

  • Both live and deceased wildlife are carriers of disease. Some illnesses humans can contract include:
    • Leptospirosis
    • Rabies
    • Plague
    • Encephalitis
  • Carcasses can cause permanent stains to drywall, flooring, and more

What Happens After You Remove the Carcass?

Because dead animals leave behind a disgusting and overwhelming smell in your home, and the body can lead to health hazards, insect infestations, stains, and lingering odors, it's vital that you remove them ASAP and clean up after them. Luckily, we can help with both removal and cleanup. After removing the animal(s), our team has special deodorizers and air purifiers to neutralize the horrific smell. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on removing dead animals from your home and solving all your animal problems!

Caulk & Sealing

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) serviceSealing/Caulking Points of Entry practices to prevent pests must include the sealing of all cracks and crevices that are accessed from outside with the appropriate sealing materials. We will carefully and thoroughly inspect your home for potential wildlife and insect entry points and then work diligently to make sure they are sealed. Sealing your home thoroughly can prevent future infestations and save you a big headache. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on preventing wildlife pest entry and damage!

Caulking & Sealing Your Bloomington Home as Exclusion Method

There are myriad reasons to keep your home caulked and appropriately sealed from the outside.

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Keeping your home comfortable by reducing drafts
  • Increases your home value

Another one of the important reasons to maintain the caulking and sealing in your home is to keep wildlife out. Small animals like mice and other rodents often gain entry through even the smallest window cracks. 

Finding every small hole in your home's exterior can be a challenge, but Critter Control of Bloomington is here to help! We will fully evaluate any wildlife entry points and seal them up to keep critters out for good. Contact our office today to get started! 812.260.1239

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

Critter Control of Bloomington offers a wide array of prevention methods and services to ensure your home is protected from all possible angles. After removing the problematic wildlife, whether alive or dead, our technicians will work to repair damage and install effective prevention methods.

Protecting Your Bloomington RoofChimney Cap Installation in Bloomington

Your roof is a common entry path for wildlife hoping to gain entry to your cozy Bloomington attic. If your roof has been plagued by raccoons, there's a high likelihood that your ring-tailed intruder has accidentally—or intentionally—gotten into your chimney, which is a big problem. Wildlife sometimes crawls into chimneys and never gets out, and sometimes there are babies also in the equation.

Other animals that love to use your chimney as a gateway to your cozy home include bats, birds, and squirrels. It's essential you bring in the experts from Critter Control of Bloomington to quickly and humanely remove any animals that have made their way into your home, and repair the problem before it happens again.

Chimney Capping & Screening

If you have a chimney, you need to protect it from wildlife. Like other home prevention like caulking, chimney capping is dual-purpose. It works to keep all outdoor elements, like water, out and also acts as wildlife prevention.

If your chimney is damaged, our experts can repair it as well. 

Our team can install, repair, and replace a chimney cap and other related accessories. Protecting your chimney from the elements and wildlife should be a no-brainer—call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on solving all your animal problems!

Chimney Repairs/Sealing/Tuck Pointing

Chimney Repairs on Bloomington Homes

Chimneys are exposed to the worst extremes of the elements, and degradation of the flashing, bricks, mortar joints, and concrete caps are fairly common. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for an estimate on chimney repairs!

Repairing Flashing, Bricks & Mortar Joints

Chimney repair in BloomingtonAspects of your home such as bricks and mortar joints can naturally degrade with time, due to exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, these compromised home areas invite animal entry. Maintaining said elements can both extend the life of your home and keep animals out. Damaged chimneys can also cause house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other expensive damage. 

Animals that love to enter through your chimney include raccoons, birds, and bats. It's important to have the proper measures in place to keep your chimney free from critters. 

Signs your Chimney is Damaged

Smell: Your chimney may smell like an animal died inside of it, which it probably did. We can remove the deceased animal and install preventative measures so it doesn't happen again. 

Smoke in your Home: Your home may have excess smoke from your fire. This is a sign that your chimney could be damaged. We can repair the damage and keep your family safe. 

Visible Wear: You may be able to see visible wear on your chimney. We can repair any of those signs to keep your chimney functioning as it should. 

Contact Critter Control of Bloomington today to repair your chimney!

Crawlspace Clean-up

Restoring Your Bloomington Crawlspace

Rooms in your home that have been Crawlspace Cleanupcompromised by wildlife feces and urine are at risk of serious damage. Once your animal is gone, there's still repair to consider, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Wildlife whose final resting place is in your crawlspace present a hazard all their own, but their presence can also cause damage to your pipes or insulation.

Fixing Your Pipes & Insulation

Insulation and pipe damage can both lead to inefficient energy consumption, causing a big impact on your wallet. Water leaks can also be costly and problematic for your crawlspace. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for information on solving your crawlspace wildlife problems and damage!

What To Watch Out For 

Unwanted critters in your crawl space can cause several unwanted issues. For starters if you have an animal in your crawl space you already need repairs. Unwanted pests can cause health issues from waste and disease, in addition to causing structural damage to your home. To make things even better, all animals eat so if you have a critter living in your crawl space chances are they’re bringing in food, which can attract even more unwanted critters.

Animals In The Crawlspace

A common problem that Bloomington residents face is animals in the crawlspace. Wildlife that often get into the crawlspace are mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums. These animals like a warm, dark place to make a nest. They will use your insulation to pad their new den, and may also chew wire you have in your crawlspace. Signs of animals in the crawlspace include scratching and scurrying sounds. You may also see signs of the animals entering your home such as damaged vent covers. 

Crawl Space Encapsulations

A crawl space encapsulation is the installation of a heavy-duty moisture barrier to your crawlspace that has a dirt floor. If your home has an open vented crawl space, you may have mold or mildew problems, which can be damaging to your home. Moisture can also lead to termite infestations. Luckily, crawl space encapsulation can fix the issue. Our team will completely seal your crawlspace to ensure you no longer struggle with moisture issues in the crawlspace. We can also look to be sure there is proper drainage from your crawlspace before encapsulating it to be sure water isn't sitting against your home causing more damage.  

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation serves a different purpose than crawlspace encapsulation. Crawl space insulation is great for warming up your home. It does not seal the area from moisture. When your crawlspace has a combination of insulation and encapsulation, your home will be in top shape!

Crawl Space Repair

If you have had animals in your crawlspace, you likely need crawlspace repair. Animals like to chew the insulation and chew the wires in your crawlspace. If you've had animals in your crawlspace, you also have animal droppings left behind that need to be cleaned up. Animal droppings attract bugs and spread diseases, so it's important to remove the mess as quickly as possible. 

The team at Critter Control of Bloomington can get your crawlspace back to normal quickly. We will repair the insulation, remove any wildlife droppings, and seal the crawlspace so you don't have the issue happen again! Contact us today!

Foundation Vents

Repairing Foundation Vents on your Bloomington Home

Something that the entire Critter Control franchise takes great pride in is our dedication to make sure your home is protected from future invasions. Our technicians are skilled at inspecting your home inside and out to make sure entry points are sealed.

Foundation Vent ScreeningFoundation vent repair in Bloomington

A common entry point for burrowing critters like mice, voles, chipmunks, squirrels, and more, your home's foundation is integral to the structure of your home. That's right—animals can actually impact the integrity of your home. Smaller animals like bats are able to fit in foundation vents if they're not properly sealed or installed. 

Critter invasions through your foundation vent can happen for many reasons. Your vent may not fit right into the space, it may have been installed incorrectly, or it may have a poor design. Finding the right balance between maintaining air flow to your foundation and keeping animals out can also be a challenge. In addition, many of the materials used on these vents can be easily chewed through by critters. All of these problems can be solved. 

Skunks, racoons, and more love to make nests in these foundation tunnels. It's dry, warm, and out of the elements, making a perfectly cozy home for them and their family. It's crucial you let the professionals handle this problem. 

Screening foundation vents, installing chimney caps and screens, and closing entry holes reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on solving all your animal problems!


Inspections and Consultations in Bloomington

Critter Control is a full-service company. When we come to your home, we’ll inspect your property inside and out, and from top to bottom, using our copyrighted AEW (Animal Entry Worksheet) so we can identify all potential problem areas and offer you safe and cost-effective solutions. Call Critter Control today for more information on solving your animal-related problems and damage!