Animal Exclusion Methods in Bloomington

Roof Vent Wildlife Exclusion in Bloomington

Critter Control of Bloomington utilizes many wildlife exclusion methods to help keep wildlife off your property and out of your Bloomington home. Habitat modification usually involves removing food, water, and shelter sources for particular species, and installing screen vents, sealing points of entry, or additional barriers. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for effective wildlife-proofing techniques.

Because of the intelligence level and different natures of particular species of animals, certain methods of exclusion can work better than others. Incorrectly implemented techniques for wildlife control can actually cause more damage when the clever animal learns to avoid traps and bait.

Critter Control of Bloomington's wildlife professionals have years of knowledge and success in promptly identifying the wildlife visitor and creating an effective wildlife exclusion plan.

ground squirrel prevention in BloomingtonKeeping wildlife animals out of an area of your property or home is most times the best approach to permanent wildlife control. Trapping a nuisance animal can solve current animal infestation issues, but it does not address the future of wildlife prevention.

By locating all animal entry points and installing repair/prevention methods to keep animals out, the chance that you will have a future infestation is drastically reduced.

Critter Control of Bloomington will locate each entry point where your unwanted guests are entering, and get rid of the problem wildlife in your home. Animals in your crawl space and attic, including rats, mice, raccoons, and bats, all end up in your home because they were able to find a way in, and it's our job to fix that.

Animal Exclusion Points:

  • ChimneyBats, birds, and raccoons are common chimney visitors, so making sure your chimney is capped and has heavy-duty screening will prevent animals
  • Plumbing Vents–Animals like opossums, squirrels, and rats have been known to get stuck in plumbing vents while searching for a cozy place to stay
  • Roof & Fascia Spaces–The elements can take a toll on the integrity of your roof and fascia area, so making certain these are repaired and in good condition can discourage animal entry
  • Roof Vents–Heavy-duty vents will nix any possible entry point for curious and determined animals
  • Oven & Bathroom Exhaust Vents–Vent screens will keep animals like birds and squirrels out of your exhaust vents
  • Roof/Soffit Intersection–A secured and reinforced intersection of your soffit and roof will keep animals like squirrels and raccoons from chewing or ripping their way in
  • Siding Holes–Repairing & reinforcing siding holes will keep animals from getting into your home
  • Porch & Deck–Durable and heavy-duty screening around the base of your porch and deck is impactful in discouraging animals from using it as a nesting area
  • Trees & Landscaping–Animals like squirrels and rodents are notorious for using tree limbs and other vegetation to get into your home

While some wildlife animals—like bats and rodents—appear small and harmless, it is important to remember there are many dangers associated with wild animals. From diseases and parasites to painful bites, a wildlife encounter can become a serious health risk. To protect yourself and your family, call a trained professional to inspect all wildlife issues.

Rental Properties

Wildlife problems can not only be costly but can damage the reputation of your rental property. The team at Critter Control of Bloomington can install prevention methods to ensure you never hear about mice, rats, or raccoons in your Bloomington rental property again! Check out our article about keeping wildlife out of your Bloomington rental property here. 

The Wildlife Exclusion Solution

Since 1983, Critter Control has prided itself on humane and environmentally responsible methods of exclusion and prevention for removing nuisance wild animals. We use only the most innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically responsible wildlife exclusion and prevention services. We will work directly with you to form a removal and exclusion plan to repair current damage and prevent damage. We back it up with our animal exclusion guarantee — "Our Repairs Keep Animals Out!"

Call Critter Control of Bloomington for fast and effective animal exclusion. We can help!

Critter Control handles wild animals only. Please call your local shelter if you have a domestic animal issue.