Are you experiencing bats issues in your home? Being a homeowner in the Bloomington area, you have a high chance of encountering a bat in your lifetime.  Residents find bat colonies in the attic, chimney and occasionally their living space! Critter Control of Bloomington has experience in getting bats out and keeping them out. Bat damage can be extensive and costly. Contact Critter Control of Bloomington before your infestation gets too out of hand! Give us a call or reach us online here for your bat removal! 

Getting Rid of Bats

Bats are able to enter your home through some of the smallest spaces. It is difficult for the untrained eye to identify all possible entry points. Once bats are inside your house, they can repopulate relatively quickly. Therefore, it is vital to address bat problems in your house as soon as they arise. Our wildlife technicians have the knowledge and experience in bat behavior and bat control. Critter Control provides full-service wildlife services that include: 

  • Bat Control In Bloomington Dropping clean up
  • Insulation restoration
  • Entry point repair
  • One-way vents
  • Live animal trapping
  • Animal prevention and modification  

Common Bat Problems

As bat droppings accumulate, it can lead to hazardous situations for both humans and pets. Common bat problems can include:

  • Health problems
  • Stinky odors
  • Difficult stains
  • Ruined insulation

Hiring a trained wildlife control technician will help keep you and your family safe from potential diseases. Critter Control of Bloomington technicians are trained in humane, safe and effective bat removal and damage repair and will take care of your bat infestation quickly.

Bat Control Services

Call today to set up bat trapping, attic insulation restoration, bat exclusion and more! We will get the bats out and keep them out. Give us a call today!

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Bats are known to enter homes and roost in chimneys, attics, and walls. The damages are hazardous and costly. Bat droppings create a terrible odor, difficult stains and cause health problems. Keep your family and your home safe. Call Critter Control to solve your bat problem today!
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