Discovering a bat in your Bloomington area house can be unsettling. Getting rid of bats, equally as challenging as it is dangerous, is a part of the bat control process best left to the experts. Bloomington residents who find bat droppings in their house will want to know the best way to get rid of bats—we can help! Call Critter Control of Bloomington for professional bat control services in Bloomington and the surrounding areas or reach us online to leave us more information about bat removal.

Bat Removal Services in Bloomington

Bat control services in BloomingtonBat populations can get out of control quickly, especially in summer, so it's important to address bat problems ASAP to be sure you have bat exclusion and bat prevention in place for the next time bats try to get into your home. Your Bloomington technician will provide full-service bat control, which may include:

  • Bat removal
  • Getting bats out of the chimney
  • Removing bats from the attic and eaves
  • Bat guano removal
  • Bat prevention
  • Bat exclusion

How Are Bats Getting Into The House?

When you find bats in walls, bats in the attic, bats in the chimney, it's important to identify how they're getting in. Did you know bats can enter homes or other buildings through holes as small as a dime? It can be hard to locate all possible entry points, especially if you don't know what to look for, but we know what to look for. Roofs are commonly damaged areas due to exposure to the elements, so holes on the roofline are frequent bat entry points on your home. They can also sometimes get into your Bloomington area home accidentally. Learn more about bat removal and how bats get into Bloomington homes here. 

Common Bat Problems

  • Diseases from bat guano
  • Bats in chimney
  • Bats in attic
  • Bat scratches
  • Bat infestations
  • Bat damage due to odor and waste accumulation

Controlling Bat Infestations & Repelling Bats

A trained bat expert like those on the team at Bloomington Critter Control will be able to get rid of bats and keep bats out. Our team is skilled and experienced in professional bat trapping. Call today to find out more about our bat trapping, bat prevention, additional bat services, and more. We are proud to provide bat removal services to the following areas of Bloomington: Bedford, Columbus, Greensburg, Salem, Scottsburg, Middlefork, Norman, Seymour, Nashville, Paoli, & Versailles.

Indiana Bat Removal Regulations 

The Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) is a federal and state listed endangered species. There are different laws and regulations in place by the government for bat removal procedures to protect this endangered species. 

The major regulations follow the hibernation and reproduction seasons of bats. It is not safe for Indiana homeowners to remove bats — for their own safety and for the bats safety. Never handle a bat, Call Critter Control of Bloomington and our experienced and knowledgeable experts will solve your bat problems safely and humanely. 

If you find a bat in your home during winter, Indiana law says you

  • Can’t evict bats outside. Bats are hibernating during winter and do not have access to their food source, flying insects, during this time. A bat forced outside during the winter will likely freeze to death. 
  • Can contact us at Critter Control of Bloomington to conduct an inspection and determine if the bats can be safely removed and relocated. 

If you find a bat in your home during summer (June 1- August 15), Indiana law says you

  • Should not remove bat roosts until the fall. Bats are reproducing this time and new babies are not old enough to live on their own. 
  • Can contact us at Critter Control of Bloomington to conduct an inspection and determine if the bats can be safely removed and relocated. 

If you want to remove a tree in your yard occupied with bats, Indiana law says you 

  • Can’t remove the tree while the bats occupy the tree. 
  • Should not remove trees or branches larger than 9 inches in diameter while bats may be present from April 1st through September 30th.
  • Can contact us at Critter Control of Bloomington to conduct an inspection and determine if the bats can be safely removed and relocated. 

Telling the Difference Between a Brown Bat and an Indiana Bat 

There are a few differences that can help you identify an Indiana bat compared to a common brown bat. The nose of an Indiana Bat will be lighter in color than a brown bat. An Indiana bat will also have less of a shiny luster fur color than a brown bat. Another known difference is that an Indiana bat will have smaller, shorter hairs than brown bats that do not extend beyond their claws. It is best to let the professionals at Critter Control of Bloomington accurately identify the type of bat living in your Bloomington area home. 

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Bats are known to enter homes and roost in chimneys, attics, and walls. The damages are hazardous and costly in your Bloomington area home. Bat droppings create a terrible odor, difficult stains, and cause health problems. Keep your family and your home safe. Call Critter Control of Bloomington to solve your bat problem today!
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