Skunks cause serious issues besides just their insufferable scent. They will cause landscape damages, including plant damage and damage to gardens while searching for food. The dead giveaway that you have a skunk control problem is the odor and seeing them around your home. Critter Control of Bloomington will use particular methods of control depending on your particular problem. As soon as you start to notice skunk signs, it's important that your technician conducts a thorough inspection and forms an appropriate action plan to resolve your issue.

Bloomington skunk control services include trapping and removal, damage repair and prevention. Give us a call today, or contact us here!

Skunk Removal Services

Skunk removal services in Bloomington homesSkunks can be structurally damaging and an unfortunate malodorous nuisance. It can be hard to get skunk populations under control. The skunk will spray a pungent defense mechanism from its anal glands, affecting anything in its path. Critter Control of Bloomington is experienced in removing skunks and avoiding this horrible odor.

Common skunk control services include:

  • Live trapping
  • Damage repair
  • Odor removal
  • Exclusion prevention
  • Habitat modification

Common Skunk Problems

Frequently reported skunk issues include:

  • Yard and lawn damage
  • Structural damage
  • Pungent odors
  • Vegetation damage

Skunk Removal Services

Trust Critter Control's Bloomington technicians and get back to the odor-free home you know and love. It can be tricky to control skunks as an untrained resident, but our technicians have the experience necessary to keep them away for good. Once we remove the skunk, our team will stick around to put prevention methods in place — it's part of our process! Call today and let Critter Control manage your skunk problem.

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