Skunk Removal Services

Skunks are one of the more smelly wildlife creatures, and finding them near your home can be a danger to both your family and your pets. Bloomington residents often report finding skunks in their shed, in their garage, and under porches and brush piles. They mostly stick to outdoor spaces but have been known to get inside sometimes. No matter where they are on your property, skunks are immediate cause for a call to Critter Control of Bloomington. Call our office today or leave us more information on your skunk control needs here!

Skunk Removal in BloomingtonSkunk removal is only one aspect of skunk control. Deterring skunks is also important to keep them away from your Bloomington property. A few skunk control methods your Critter Control technician will implement include:

  • Skunk extermination
  • Removing skunks from the garage and other outbuildings
  • Getting skunks out of attics
  • Skunk odor removal
  • Skunk prevention

Skunk Damage

One of the biggest issues when it comes to skunks is their spray; the odor is hard to get rid of and even more difficult to ignore. Skunk spray has the potential to blind victims temporarily and douse them in tear-inducing odors, and this, unfortunately, can be you or your pets. We can help with skunk odor removal. A number of other common skunk problems include:

  • Yard and lawn damage (holes from digging for grubs)
  • Structural damage
  • Horrible odors
  • Damage to plants and foliage

Skunk Prevention Services

Critter Control of Bloomington's team of skilled skunk specialists will help you reclaim your home. We do not recommend attempting DIY skunk control; instead, call a professional skunk removal company like Critter Control of Bloomington today! You can also leave us more information on your skunk problems here.

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