Restoring Your Bloomington Crawlspace

Rooms in your home that have been Crawlspace Cleanupcompromised by wildlife feces and urine are at risk of serious damage. Once your animal is gone, there's still repair to consider, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Wildlife whose final resting place is in your crawlspace present a hazard all their own, but their presence can also cause damage to your pipes or insulation.

Fixing Your Pipes & Insulation

Insulation and pipe damage can both lead to inefficient energy consumption, causing a big impact on your wallet. Water leaks can also be costly and problematic for your crawlspace. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for information on solving your crawlspace wildlife problems and damage!

What To Watch Out For 

Unwanted critters in your crawl space can cause several unwanted issues. For starters if you have an animal in your crawl space you already need repairs. Unwanted pests can cause health issues from waste and disease, in addition to casuing structural damage to your home. To make things even better, all animals eat so if you have a critter living in your crawl space chances are they’re bring in food, which can attract even more unwanted critters.