Critter Control of Bloomington is here to help you control difficult wildlife issues that may arise on your property in a humane and effective way. Problems like these can quickly turn into larger problems if they're not addressed quickly. Do not ignore the noises inside your attic or walls or the scuffling noises you hear around your home, call Critter Control of Bloomington today!

Wildlife Control ServicesResidential Wildlife Control Services in Bloomington

Anytime a wildlife animal is too close to your home, it becomes an issue for residents. There are multiple steps that may be necessary for keeping a wildlife control problem under control. Critter Control of Bloomington works with you to determine which steps will be necessary for successful wildlife control and solution.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Trapping is a great humane solution for some wildlife problems. Some animals that we frequently trap to remove from Bloomington properties include raccoons and squirrels.

Critter Control of Bloomington will install and set up traps that will catch your wildlife problem quickly. Using the correct trap location and bait, we are able to capture the animal in your yard or home.

When we are working on solving a wildlife problem in your home, we make humane wildlife removal a priority. When we trap animals, we can relocate them back to the wilderness.

In addition to trapping, we use other methods of wildlife removal including one-way doors and habitat modification. Because trapping is not always the best solution for every species of animal, we will cater our wildlife removal plan to the issue you are facing in your Bloomington home. 

Wildlife Damage Repair

Wildlife animals can cause serious damage to your home or your property. Critter Control of Bloomington's experienced technicians are able to identify the damages and work closely with you to create a repair plan.

The damage that your home has faced will vary based on the species that were living inside. Common wildlife damage includes soiled insulation, chewed wires, and nests around the home. Our damage repair techniques vary, but usually include the following:


Perhaps the most important step of wildlife control services is prevention. Without prevention methods installed wildlife animals can simply reenter your home and start creating problems once again. Critter Control will use exclusion methods as well as implement habitat modifications.

Some of the wildlife prevention techniques we use include gable and soffit vent screen replacement, caulking, sealing, and habitat modification.

Because every species of animal is different, certain methods of exclusion can work better than others. Incorrectly implemented techniques for wildlife control can actually cause more damage. Some animals are so clever that they learn to avoid traps and bait. Critter Control of Bloomington's wildlife professionals have years of knowledge and success in promptly identifying the wildlife that may be looking to come inside and developing a prevention plan to keep them out. 

Rental Properties in Bloomington

If you own a rental property in Bloomington and your tenants are running into unwelcome critters, we can get things back to normal quickly and within budget! Our team of professionals is skilled in getting your rental home or apartment building critter-free. 

Wildlife control in commercial buildings requires an extra skillset. A poor reputation can linger longer than animal odors. We will quickly evaluate your rental property, determine what animal is causing your renter distress, and implement the proper exclusion techniques. We will clean the mess and install prevention methods to keep the wildlife from coming back. Call us for a free phone estimate. 812.260.1239

Long Term Results

Get rid of wildlife problems for good. Critter Control of Bloomington will set up prevention methods to keep wildlife animals out of your home for seasons to come. We are the professionals! Give us a call today and set up your wildlife control appointment. 812.260.1239

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