Coyotes are intelligent members of the dog family that can be found throughout North America. Intelligence and adaptability inspire the coyote's role as a trickster in Native American folktales and legends. Many modern Americans consider coyotes to be little more than nuisance pests responsible for killing livestock. With populations at an all-time high, conflicts between humans and coyotes have become more prevalent.

Coyote Removal Services

Historic hunting and persecution of coyotes have bred them to be naturally shy of humans. As such, they will not enter dwellings and are only active at night or in the early morning if there are humans nearby. Coyotes will venture onto properties like pastures, fields, backyards, or even garbage dumps in search of food.

Common Coyote Problems

Coyote removal in BloomingtonIn rural areas, coyotes' destruction of livestock is a major concern. Their killing of sheep, cattle, goats, chickens and turkeys results in significant losses for the agricultural industry each year. Human attacks are very rare and result in little to no serious damage when they do occur. However, coyotes are carriers of dangerous diseases and parasites that afflict humans and animals, including:

  • rabies
  • distemper
  • parvovirus
  • mange mites
  • fleas

Trapping and Removal

Wild coyotes should never be approached. Although physically similar to dogs, coyotes are not domesticated animals and will bite if cornered or threatened. Individuals should always allow trained wildlife professionals to handle any infestations. Critter Control of Bloomington coyote experts are available to help manage and eliminate unwanted coyote problems. Call today for professional coyote control!

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