Opossums are one of nature's most underrated helper when it comes to tick removal. Opossums can eat several thousand ticks per week, but Bloomington homeowners still don't want the nation's sole marsupial on their property or in their house. Opossums under the deck or porch are unnerving, and opossums in the garage are one step closer to threatening your family. Call today for opossum wildlife control or reach us through our contact form HERE!

Opossum Removal Services in Bloomington

Opossum removal in BloomingtonOpossum control may include opossum removal, trapping, and prevention; these services are all pivotal in getting rid of opossums. Critter Control of Bloomington will remove opossums in the attic, the barn, and more. Opossums are carriers of several diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets. Our experienced technicians will implement many control services to get rid of your opossum correctly, the first time! Your opossum control solution may include:

  • Opossum trapping
  • Opossum prevention
  • Opossum removal

Common Opossum Problems

The main issue posed by opossums is their unhygienic nature, but they can also be dangerous. Opossums can be responsible for damage within your home, including damage insulation, tearing through air ducts, and feces contamination.

Opossum Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Bloomington's technicians will safely get rid of opossums in your Bloomington home. Our training and experience will allow us to remove the opossum quickly and efficiently repair damages that they may create. We will keep opossums out!

Your opossum technician will install exclusion materials and utilize a number of habitat modifications to remove opossums from garages, barns, attics and more. Give us a call today and set up your appointment! Leave us more information on your opossum problem here.

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Opossums are intimidating animals to have around your home. If you think there's an opossum in your crawlspace or attic, call Critter Control. The professionals are able to remove the opossum, repair damages and prevent future problems!
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