Bloomington residents are quite familiar with raccoons rummaging their yard, raccoons in the chimney, or raccoons under the porch. These clever nocturnal mammals are infamous for getting into difficult places inside the home and getting into garbage around properties. Noises in the attic or chimney often indicate a raccoon presence. Our Bloomington team is prepared to handle raccoon removal from start to finish and implement raccoon exclusion methods to ensure your raccoon problems are resolved for good. Critter Control of Bloomington provides professional and proven raccoon control. We handle raccoon trapping, raccoon removal, and raccoon prevention. Give us a call today or contact us here and keep raccoons out!

Raccoon Removal Services in Bloomington

Raccoon control in BloomingtonRaccoons leave evidence of their presence in your home, so there are some things you can keep an eye out for on your Bloomington property or in your house that can be a sure sign that you need raccoon control services. Some common areas raccoons love to go in your home or property include:

  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons under porches
  • Raccoons in the barn or other outbuildings
  • Raccoons in chimney
  • Raccoons in yard

Is There A Raccoon in My Home?

Raccoons are fairly easy to identify, due to their unique coloring and “mask” markings around their face. If you can’t physically see them, however, it can be difficult to discern your wildlife visitor. We’re here to help. Read below for some telltale ways to determine if you have raccoons or other wildlife intruders.

  • Raccoons are nocturnal, so you unfortunately may hear them overhead when you’re trying to sleep
  • The most likely area you will hear raccoons is your attic because it has everything they need to comfortably live: nesting materials (insulation), plenty of space to live and an area for a latrine, and easy access in and out through your roof
  • As they move, raccoons make dragging, rustling, and scratching noises. You can make a reasonable guess based on the weight of the dragging and rustling that it’s a raccoon and not a smaller critter like a mouse or squirrel.
  • When they make vocal noises, raccoons can often create noises that many people can’t identify, such as hissing, purring, chittering (known as trilling), chirping and other noises that belie their cute appearance. They communicate for various reasons, including when calling for their babies, and during breeding season.

Raccoon Trapping & Control

Raccoon removal, just like the removal of many other wildlife animals, is notoriously difficult to do effectively without proper training. Critter Control of Bloomington's technicians will use cutting-edge removal techniques that will remove your pest raccoon humanely and quickly. Critter Control technicians will utilize the most appropriate traps to remove the problem animal in the best possible way for all parties involved. Once they're removed, the damages will be repaired using methods of prevention.

Common raccoon control services include:

Get Raccoons Out & Keep Them Out

It is vital to the health of your home, family, and pets that you get your problem raccoons out of your home quickly! Addressing any wildlife issue as soon as possible, before the raccoon has been properly established, gives you the highest chance of effective and long-term raccoon removal, so please call as soon as you realize you have a raccoon problem.

Call Critter Control of Bloomington to finally get effective raccoon removal and exclusion—for good. Our raccoon control services are proven, effective, and safe. Schedule your raccoon control inspection and appointment or reach us through our contact form today!

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Raccoons are destructive wildlife critters. These large mammals can cause extensive damage in attics and crawlspaces. Critter Control of Bloomington offers professional raccoon control services to get rid of raccoons for good, including trapping, repairs, & prevention. Call today to solve your raccoon problems!
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