Squirrels are a common sight in both rural and urban areas near Bloomington. As adaptable animals, squirrels are expert climbers and often end up scampering onto your roof and into your home. The most common squirrel types seen in the area are tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. These mischievous critters are pests on your property and capable of serious damage inside homes, like ripped insulation or dangerous accumulations of droppings. If you spot a squirrel near or in your Bloomington home, call us immediately for quick service! You can also request more information on your squirrel problem here.

Removing Squirrels from Bloomington Properties

Bloomington squirrel removalSquirrels often damage yards and fields by digging for nuts and insects. They also cause damage to homes while searching for places to nest and find food or shelter. When ground squirrels burrow near manmade embankments or dams, they compromise the structural integrity and can cause collapses. They can also cause outages when they run across power lines.

  • Keeping ground squirrels off your property is challenging. Rodents can burrow underneath or climb over most fences, but electric fences can be effective.
  • You can protect your attic by sealing all possible external entrances and pruning tree limbs that hang over roofs.

Common Squirrel Problems

Despite their small size, squirrels can make huge messes with their droppings and urine and cause incredibly costly damage to your home. Some of the main hazards associated with squirrels include:

  • Torn insulation and other soft objects (used to create nests)
  • Feces and urine stains/odors that can be incredibly hazardous to humans and pets alike

Full-Service Professional Squirrel Removal & Damage Repairs

If serious squirrel problems arise in your home or business, contact the wildlife experts at your local Critter Control. Our technicians have the training and tools necessary to trap and remove crafty squirrels from private properties and keep them out — for good. We only employ humane methods; our process is safe for all humans and animals involved.

We can help you get rid of squirrel problems. Call today or send information on your squirrel issue here!

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