Protecting Your Bloomington Attic, Soffits, and Louver Vent Screen GuardsLouvre Vent Screen Guard

From attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures, and soffit vent repairs, our Bloomington team can do it all with one single call to Critter Control of Bloomington. Call today for home repair estimates and professional assistance!

Roof—Soffits, Gable Vents & Louver Vents

Soffit Vent Screen Replacement

The soffit is the area of your roof that overhangs. Animals like squirrels love to get into the soffits and cause issues. Soffit vent screen replacement is an easy fix to this. Because wildlife can get into your home through a hole the size of a dime, any holes in your soffit cannot be overlooked! Common animals that get into Bloomington homes through soffits include mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. 

Gable Vent Screen Replacement

Gable vents are typically installed on the outside wall of your attic and work to help with the circulation of air in the attic. Unfortunately, compromised gables can invite wildlife entry. Gable vent screen replacement can help protect your attic from animal entry. Common animals that enter your home through gable vents include raccoons, bats, mice, and squirrels. 

Louver Vent Screen Replacement 

Louver vents also help with the circulation of air—while ideally keeping out debris like dirt and water. Louver vents that are damaged or otherwise improperly functioning can encourage wildlife visitors like birds and raccoons

Attic Vent Screen Replacement

Attic vent screens keep your home's air circulating properly. However, if they are damaged or installed incorrectly, they leave room for wildlife to enter. Birds, bats, mice, and more will enter your Bloomington home through your attic vent and cause damage. With attic vent screen replacement, we can keep the critters out. 

Keeping your vents in good shape is critical to your home's wildlife management. If you think your home could use an inspection, give us a call! We're happy to look over your home and provide an action plan for keeping wildlife out this season. 812.260.1239