Critter Control of Bloomington offers a wide array of prevention methods and services to ensure your home is protected from all possible angles. After removing the problematic wildlife, whether alive or dead, our technicians will work to repair damage and install effective prevention methods.

Protecting Your Bloomington RoofChimney Cap Installation in Bloomington

Your roof is a common entry path for wildlife hoping to gain entry to your cozy Bloomington attic. If your roof has been plagued by raccoons, there's a high likelihood that your ring-tailed intruder has accidentally—or intentionally—gotten into your chimney, which is a big problem. Wildlife sometimes crawls into chimneys and never gets out, and sometimes there are babies also in the equation.

Other animals that love to use your chimney as a gateway to your cozy home include bats, birds, and squirrels. It's essential you bring in the experts from Critter Control of Bloomington to quickly and humanely remove any animals that have made their way into your home, and repair the problem before it happens again.

Chimney Capping & Screening

If you have a chimney, you need to protect it from wildlife. Like other home prevention like caulking, chimney capping is dual-purpose. It works to keep all outdoor elements, like water, out and also acts as wildlife prevention.

If your chimney is damaged, our experts can repair it as well. 

Our team can install, repair, and replace a chimney cap and other related accessories. Protecting your chimney from the elements and wildlife should be a no-brainer—call Critter Control of Bloomington today for more information on solving all your animal problems!