Columbus, IN is filled with restaurants, shopping, and architecture! If you like to spend time outdoors, be sure to visit the Irwin Gardens, a 1910 mansion just minutes from downtown. If you’re looking for a little adrenaline, take the day to kayak Anderson Falls or try the BMX track at Dunn Stadium. If you’d like to admire some art, there are plenty of sculptures around Columbus to enjoy, or try one of the many art galleries like 411 Community Arts Gallery or Gallery 506 at Columbus Visitor Center!

Common Columbus Wildlife Problems

As the Indiana weather changes, so do the wildlife that enters your home. You may notice mice in the Fall, raccoons in the Spring, or Squirrels throughout winter. No matter what wildlife sound you hear, Critter Control can help you take care of it!

Any wildlife that finds its way inside is a health hazard to you and your family and should be taken care of. Critter Control of Bloomington will help you remove the wildlife, repair any damage they have caused, and install prevention methods for the future. We will also remove any deceased carcasses, restore your attic, and get rid of lingering odors.

Columbus Wildlife Removal

If you hear animal noises in your home or smell an odor that does not belong, call Critter Control of Bloomington. Our team will remove any wildlife problems and prevent them from coming back!

Call Critter Control of Bloomington for wildlife removal services today. 812.260.1239