Animal Dropping Removal in BloomingtonBat Dropping Cleanup in Bloomington

So the animal has been removed from your Bloomington home, but now what? Wildlife critters like bats inside your attic, squirrels in the walls, raccoons in the basement, or mice crawling along your baseboards leave a lot of droppings in their wake. You'll want to address the droppings sooner rather than later to avoid potential unpleasant odors and possible insect presence.

Our technicians can safely remove these droppings and get your home back to a healthy state. If you're noticing feces and don't yet know which wildlife critter you're facing, learn more below.

Identifying Wildlife Feces

You’ve just discovered a cache of animal droppings in your home, perhaps where the animal we just removed was living. Perhaps you’ve discovered the droppings elsewhere, like your wall, or along the floorboards. Maybe you aren’t sure which animal visitor you have yet. Where you’ve found the droppings can help you figure out what type of animal is responsible. Use the handy guide below to determine which common wildlife critter you’re facing.

Bats—Have you found small, roughly rice-sized dark feces in your attic insulation? This is almost certainly bat guano. It is similar in size and shape to mouse poop, but is slightly shorter and wider. Bat feces is referred to more commonly as guano, and is in fact a prized fertilizer in many areas because it is rich in nitrogen. Though it can be beneficial to the growth of greenery, it is highly dangerous if the spores are inhaled. It can cause histoplasmosis, which can be fatal—especially for individuals with compromised immune systems.

Rodents—Mouse and rat poop is often common along floorboards. These small rodents use the sides of walls as major transportation from places like behind appliances to bigger areas like your attic.

Cleaning Up After Dropping Removal

Removing droppings is one thing, but what about the stains and odors that linger? We can help with that, too. Contact our technicians for full-service animal dropping removal and cleanup today at 812.260.1239.