Bloomington is home to many wildlife animals, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, and more. These wildlife critters can begin causing damage as soon as they get onto your Bloomington property or into your home, regardless of the critter's size. Critter Control of Bloomington has the experience and knowledge to help you handle any and all residential wildlife control issues. Call our Bloomington office and take back control of your home today! You can also request an estimate here.

Residential Wildlife Removal & More

Wildlife removal is an undertaking that will require many hours of patience, extensive wildlife knowledge, and the right equipment—all of which many Bloomington residents simply do not have. Wildlife damage repairs, exclusion, and wildlife animal trapping should all be implemented only by professionals. It is important to us that the safety of the wildlife animal also be taken into consideration. Critter Control of Bloomington will be sure to exercise our knowledge of each individual animal (see how do bats get into homes? and how to tell if you have a raccoon in your house) to make sure we're using the most appropriate and effective wildlife control methods. Our services will help you get fast wildlife removal results!

Gray & Brown Tree Squirrel on Wooden Beam in Bloomington YardBlack & White Skunk on Bloomington Property


Which Wildlife Services Does Critter Control of Bloomington Provide?

Critter Control of Bloomington offers many wildlife control services to handle any wildlife control problem that you may be facing. Our technicians will get rid of the animal in your home, repair the wildlife damage, and prevent future wildlife pest infestations from happening—this is the Critter Control difference. Wildlife control services that we are proud to offer include:

Common Bloomington Wildlife

Bloomington residents deal with many wildlife problems. The most common residential wildlife problems we control include bats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks, and opossums. Common wildlife problems we get calls about include squirrels in the walls, bats in the chimney, and raccoons nesting in the attic. Don't hesitate to reach us if you are facing a problem with any of these animals, or anything else! We do not provide domestic animal control. Call Critter Control of Bloomington today for help with your wildlife control problems or reach our team online!